Schnelles Bananenbrot nach einem Rezept von Donna Hay. Es schmeckt traumhaft, allerdings werde ich nächstes Mal weniger Öl nehmen, denn es hatte doch mehr die Konsistenz von etwas klietschigem Kuchen. Und weil es so furchtbar gesund war mit dem ganzen Obst, gab es als Ausgleich dann was Süßes:

Quick banana bread, following a recipe by Donna Hay. It tastes absolutely great but I'll definitely use less oil next time because overall, it resembled a moist cake more than bread. And since this was such a horribly healthy snack, with all the fruit inside, I added something more chocolately to the diet:

Espresso-Schoko-Muffins. Superlecker und gar nicht mal so schrecklich süß. Die kommen auch auf die "mach ich bestimmt nochmal" - Liste. Und was backt Ihr gerne so auf die Schnelle für zwischendurch? 

Espresso and chocolate muffins. Oh so yummy and not as sweet as you'd expect. They've definitely made it on my personal "I'll bake them again" list. So what's your go-to recipe for quick yet tasty baked goods? 


Kommentar von Becki |

Oh my goodness! This is a delicious looking post!

Antwort von Ella

Thank you, Becki. Wished I could let you have a muffin, they are so good. 

Kommentar von Marsha |

Banana bread is one of my go to 'quick' treat. I just made some this week and used rice flour this time. was a bit dry but still tasted yummy. Your muffins look so yummy.

Antwort von Ella

Thank you, Marsha. I love muffins, they are so easy to make and come in so many flavours, and they can easily be taken along for a snack at work.