A Garden Stroll

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Today is summer. Beautiful, sunny, warm, rose-scented summer. Weather forecast predicts rain for tomorrow, though. So, no better time than today to take you on a stroll around my garden. My roses are so lovely at this time of year. "Jasmina" has the cutest pink petal balls, and "Golden Gate" (what an appropriate name for a rose of such gold-yellow colour) smells so wonderfully. Every time I open the front door, I get a whiff of her perfume. Also, petunias. Just because they're beautiful. 

This is the first year we are experimenting with growing our own lettuce. Did you know that it comes in ever so many varieties? The plain and simple picking salad is growing in one of the raised beds but we also wanted regular green lettuce, red lettuce and oak leaf lettuce. Since we were running out of raised bed space, we decided to make the most of what we had - in Steve's green lettuce case: the planting containers that border the driveway, in my red lettuce and red oak leaf lettuce case: an old mortar tray I cleaned and repurposed. Apparently, lettuce of any kind is a hardy plant that's willing to grow everywhere. So nice of it. 

I harvested the last batch of radishes today. Tomorrow, I'll feed some compost into the space where they grew, and then put in my baby zucchini. Maybe it will be kind enough to give me a zucchini or three soon. Else, there are the carrots and kohlrabi to look forward to. At least I hope so. To be honest, I'm not a gardener by nature, and I have no clue what to plant when. It's very much a case of trial and error, albeit a fun, and very often also a tasty, one. 

And finally, a word of warning on Hostas: if the label reads "Giant", there WILL be something big inside. If they had thumbs, they'd be aiming for world dominance. 

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Comment by Liz |

It looks beautiful.

Reply by Ella

Thank you, Liz

Comment by Becki |

Your pictures are perfections, Ella.

Reply by Ella

Thank you so much, Becki. You make me blush.

Comment by Mary-Anne |

LOL Giant Hostas aiming for world domination - I think there is a sci-fi novel in there somewhere.

Reply by Ella

LOL. Great Idea. If you write it, I'll read it.