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You start out with the best intentions and an abundance of bravado at heart. Until life gets in the way. Or at least, that's what happened to me. Hence a "two at a time" monthly review.

When lockdown started, I told myself that now was the moment I had been waiting for, and since I had to stay home anyway, I could finally do the umpteen things I had planned for however long, I would work on my WIPs, learn something new, be a little more mindful, and I would never, under no circumstances whatsoever, let myself be drawn into this "end of the world" feeling that was spreading through communities and social media. Yeah, right. 

Well, some of it worked out beautifully - my first ever sourdough bread wasn't half bad, and I made two more that were perfectly edible. As for being more mindful, I took to daily strolls around the garden, enjoying all the growing and blossoming happening around me, including snapping lots of photos. I spent quite some time decluttering and rearranging, worked on a few projects, and read an awful lot - infact, I finished 12 books in March and a whooping 14 in April.

The part that didn't work out so well was the one about not getting caught up in that bad vibe that was going around. I must admit what really gets to me is missing out on all those minor things that I used to take for granted - like hopping on the bike on a beautiful sunny day, going for a ride and stopping somewhere along the way for ice cream or a cappucino, and some window shopping thrown in for good meassure. Nothing's simple anymore, not even grocery shopping. That in itself has become more of a pseudo military operation that requires careful strategic planning. Guess you know what I'm talking about.

I have come to terms with the fact that Corona will remain a part of our lives for very much longer, and even after the virus has ceased to make the headlines, and other topics will be just as prominent on the news, things won't ever get back to how they were before. But then again, there might be some good in that as well, because once you stop taking things for granted, you start appreciating them so much more. Being grateful for what you have instead of just wanting more has never really hurt, methinks. 

As for my countless WIPs and projects - ahem. I'm still working on the 30 Blanket that I really really REALLY want to finish before our next wedding day. Else, I finished a pair of vanillas and cast on another right away. The new sweater is about a third done, and candy coloured fox paws are marching about. Also, I spent some time thinking, trying, re-thinking and re-trying and finally came up with an idea on how to use up my sock yarn leftovers - another long-term project in the making, just like my Rag Quilt which is taking a nap right now. 

April ends on a grey and rainy note, and I suspect May to be starting just likewise. Or in other words: I predict perfect knitting weather. Now if you'll excuse me, I have an appointment with two pointy sticks. 

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